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List of amendments dated August 20
Here is a list of the changes made today:

- A new page in the "nickname" menu called "My bonuses" gives you a list of the bonuses you have earned and allows you to use them. For the time being, there will only be the type of "racing accessories" bonus (I explain what it is after), but then new types of bonuses can be created to offer new possibilities (heal an injured horse immediately, get twins born, get training bonuses, get days without maintenance costs, earn sulkies or kdo points in addition,...).
- To win a "race accessory" bonus, you just have to participate in a regulated race (as a jockey). The bonus will be given to you when the race result is calculated. You can only win one such bonus per day and per world.
- The "race accessory" bonus (which is what you want to consider: blinkers, deflashing, plugs,..., the generic term includes all that) gives you for the race in which you use it a supplement of biorhythm speed between 0 and 1 point (at random), without your biorhythm being able to exceed its maximum (in other words, giving a bonus to a horse that is already in biorhythm 0.9 for example not giving him much more). It is the jockey who uses the bonus.
- Managers can choose when creating the race whether the race accessories are usable.
- In the list of starters, a symbol "A" will indicate the horses that have used an accessory.

- Managers can now have 2 different tracks. When they create their races they can choose which track they will use. In the race list the symbol (2) after the racecourse name indicates that the race is on the 2nd track.

- The "dashboard" page now shows you the deadline for future projections.

- On Almina and Bezir I added a high earnings range of 1,280,000 and over and modified the earnings range of 640,000 and over to 640,000 to 2,559,999

- In the horse lists of owners, trainers or jockeys I changed the age filter from fixed to a minimum/maximum age filter.

- On the pages "Selling a horse" and "Selling a service" I added filters on the VRS.

- The "Manager"- "My races" page now has the possibility to select several races to delete them in block.

- As the structure of several filters has been modified I had to reset everyone's filters to avoid problems (so all your filters have returned to their default values).

- The help will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.