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List of changes on April 17
Here is the list of changes that have been installed:
- The injured horses during intensive training now recover (even if they were injured before the update) their maximum flexibility little by little (every day, at the time of their daily training).

- The created horses now have VRS relating to the VRS of the existing horses and no longer compared to the theoretical vrs (so there should no longer be any "horses created with good S or O").
- There will be more foals that take "parents", the stallions who gave it will now give "father".
- The genetics of all the horses of one year is now automatically visible by everybody (and goes back in "with the choice of the owner" from 2 years).
- The monthly increase of maximum Vrs has been reduced by 20%.
- The average progression of births has been increased (so that more horses are "average" possible whereas currently they are rather in the low values ​​of the possible, which gave you the impression that the trainings lasted moreover in longer).

- The managers can now propose a starting order of the type "At the feeling of the judge", which makes it is an order by decreasing obedience (the strongest obedience is with the rope).
- Managers can now set a maximum "per owner" and another maximum "per jockey". For example, you can create races where each horse has a different jockey even if several horses belong to the same owner.

- Jockeys now earn 11% of race winnings and coaches 7%.
- The number of free sulkies for "advertising" has increased from 4000 to 8000. The daily sulkies for subscriptions have been increased by 50%.

- In order to bring the operation of Almina / Bezir closer to that of Chorus I have now removed the regulated earnings on Almina / Bezir, the pay bands and the starting order in function of the winnings are now done on the extended winnings only . As this part of the program is now identical on all 3 worlds I had to delete "the old viewer" on almina / bezir.
- Almina / Bezir now also has "Fun Fun Fun" races, they will start to be created just now.

- The help will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

- The following changes planned this year will take place around July / August.
Only positive changes as far as I can see
Sry for a dumb question, but what does vrs mean?
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