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Improvements planned for 2019
Following your proposals and debates, I retained the following improvements for 2019. The 1st part will be updated in a couple of weeks (I need time to create them from now), and the 2nd part will be updated in August.

- I retain only the blinkers as an option. They will add a biorhythm bonus (from 0 to 1, and no possibility for the horse to go beyond the biorhythm maximum) and they will be possible of all races types (flat, hurdle, trot). The race manager will be able to decide if he forbids them or not in their race. Each player (driver) will be able to use this option only once per day for the totality of their horse (for instance, if you participate to a total of 10 races in a day, you must analyse for which one this option will be the more useful).

- The horse hurted because of an intensive training will gain back 10 points per day (they will get them at the time of their daily training), so they will be entirely healed in 30 days maximum.

- The created horses will not get values relatives to the theoretical maximum (now the created horse can have a good flexibility or a good obedience compared to the other horses), and they will get values relatives to the real maximum. The difference between the values of the created horse and the real maximum will be reduced so that the real new players can get more competitive horses (I must still precisely analyse how much difference that will be the best, I will not get ahead of myself for now, I must find the best comprise between helping the new players and not favouring the multi-accounts. So, as a summary, the created horses will get more speed and more resistance, but less flexibility and less obedience.

- The race managers will be able to have 2 different tracks and choose which one they use for each race.

- Even if not realistic, I really liked the idea to suggest a departure order according to the obedience (let's call it "the manager's feeling" so that it remains credible), so I will make it (no need to start complaining, it's optional, so if you don't want it, just don't participate to this kind of race).

- I will reverse the % of gains jockey/trainer (it will be 11% for the jockey and 7% to the trainer).

- I will raise the % of foals who get from their mother and lower in consequence the % of foals who get "from the 2".

- The race managers will be able to define a maximum registrations per owner different from a maximum per driver.

- I will raise the number of free sulkies per day to 8 000 (the one given compared to the activated advertising) and raise to 50% the daily payment of the subscribers (so it will become 9 000/day in mini team, ... , 90 000 per day in giga team).

- The 1-years horses genetic will be automatically visible to all (then it will come back to "the choice of the owner" after).

- I will analyse the possibility to slow down the values development each month (analyse means I must be sure that it will not bring an instability to the game that would be prejudicial, and I can't be sure of that for now).

- And improvement of some filters, selecting, multiple selections (precise list not determined for now).

- And a couples of other small details that have been pointed out and that can be easily changed, but I will detailed them only at the moment of their setting up.
Sounds good to me