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Today i have got New Horses
Hi Guys. I am new member of the game. Today my first month of breading horses.

I Have got 120 new born horse in Bezir.

Anyone tell me how we can understand good horses or bad horses?

For example:

Dad birth genetic 1650/1100/1100/1050
New Horse Genetic 1700/1550/1300/110

This horse is good or not?

Example 2:

Dad birth genetic 1650/1100/1100/1050
New Horse Genetic: 1100/1050/1200/1050

This horse bad right?

Can anyone tell me the hints of this?

Cause this 120 horse spends daily 80.000 sulkies. I have got 500.000 suilkies and i am afraid to be financial problem.

seba stable
Hi Seba

It looks like your first horse indeed passes on speed and resistance and sup but you have to see this over a few horses to be sure.

If you like racing 1yrs then you need to look for good precious stallions that give high speed. at birth with good reason and or sup but these horses 99% of the time will max on low speed.

In truth I have tried anything and everything but I still have not had that special horse and I have been playing for a while lol so maybe I am not the best person to answer.

My advice don't rush into the game and don't keep any horses that do not place in races regularly that just sit in your stable mainly males.

Females can always be bred once then retired and you will get the foal still this is always a good way of reducing your stable.

As and when you get used to the game build up your stable.

When racing always try and race your horses against the same age .

There is much to know but it will all get cleared in a couple of weeks
Welcome to the game by the way