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Breeding doesn't change on Chorus.

The first innovation is constitution. It defines the strength you can give to your trainings (see "training").

The second innovation is that now each genetic component is included between 0 and 99. It's only a visual change compared to the other worlds. A horse with a speed of 60 on Chorus would have a speed of 6050 or 6100 on the other worlds (between 6000 and 6099 in real). This loss of precision is volontary, to add suspense on the horses' value (is he closer than 6000 or than 6099 ?), but this doesn't change anything fundamentally.

The third innovation is that the evolution of the genetic components is entirely due to the training, even for obedience and constitution. Tests are used for something else now (see the biorhythm).
when do horses turn yellow on Chorus? had a 50 green that's now 50 yellow, think I can partly work out why but not too sure?
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50 means "between 5000 and 5099".

The system of colours didn't change. In the other worlds, the yellow means that the value is less than 500 points under the maximum of your horse.

Example :
Your horse has a maximum of 5655 (you'll see the number "5650" in red on Almina or Bezir, and "56" on Chorus). The bar will become yellow after 5155 (= 5150 on Almina and Bezir, or 51 on Chorus).

So : on Chorus, the yellow means that your horse is less than 5 points under his final value.
Another example to understand better (I hope):

Imagine your horse was 50 green in speed, because his real value was 5045.

The final value is 5565, that's why it was green.

But with one training your horse won +0.2, he became 5065. So he turned into yellow (still 50, for you, as you only see an average speed).

In my example, it will become 55 yellow than 55 red later.

Is it ok now ?
thanks, that's as I'd thought
mr silvers unstable
Chorus mating problem ?
I use 10 mating 1 weeks ago And I need again mating but mating quato "0"
How ??

You can find the explanation hare :

(Read part "On Chorus", with the chart.)
How do I find competion races Nothing shows up under competion races
If you open the menu to the right of the clock click on owner then click on the races you can then filter the races by opening the class section