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Last dates to breed


Here is a table with the last dates to breed your females for the next month :

Month Date
January 12th
February 9*
March 12th
April 11th
May 12th
June 11th
July 12th
August 12th
September 11th
October 12th
November 11th
December 12th

*On the 10th for leap years

Thanks and can you make sure this table hangs around for awhile please so we can refer back to it later,cheers..............stu
What is the last day to breed this month please.

Is it the 2nd ?
it should still be the third
March 4rd ??? should be March 3rd
well spotted Rod took 10 months for one of us to notice lol

Cheers Pete you was right
Can still breed today - result :)
just done some for next month. ;)
xplosive ranch
Attention, the last day to breed for March is the 1st of February.:)
is this still accurate??
No , I bred on the 3rd of june for july foals !
Tomay : sulky time ?
banque e.d.p
Can we have a new update of this chart if possible please.

Attention, the last day to breed for March is the 2nd of February.:)
Wow looks like your not allowed to coveranything around the 5th
You can, but your foal will be born 2 months later.
For example if you inseminate a mare today, the foal will not be born on April 1st, but on May 1st.
What date will 2 year olds start to get their mating quota,, it is the 29th of march and my 2 year old horses do not have any, I am sure it is normally early than this.

just answered you on clan forum mate , i think its because they start getting quota 60 days after they're born (so the 61st day technically), so february being 28 days puts it off kilter.

i think thats the reason anyway.
hopefully s.m can let us know for certain....
Stallions start getting quota on the 57th day after their birth.
cheers s.m , i worked it out to be 57 days and posted in our clan forum but not on here ;)

the rules/help section needs updating though , this is a copy n paste:
>My stallions

This table enables you to know the list of your stallions and the prices proposed one covering.

Click on the price in the column "Waiting request" to obtain the list of the requests made for this covering. Choose if you accept or refuse the request.

A stallion has a limited number of authorized covering. He gains 1 right of covering per day starting from the 61e day after its birth and he loses 1 right for each covering done
The help section will be updated this week.

We were waiting for the new french help and now that it's done the english version is coming. :)

There will be another change tomorrow : gestation will last 26 days instead of 28. We'll change this chart of last dates to breed.
20 days now.
any updates on this?
mr silvers unstable
No it didn't change after the last update.

Read the help of the game (click on the orange button "?").
Just a question... If your mare is waiting for 2 new foal and you decide to retire her.. Do you still get the 2 foals that you should be due?
Yes, you will get them.
nico: it's worth noting that if you sell a mare with foal(s) due the new owner will get the foal(s) too,

as sulkymaster said if you retire her you'll get the foal(s)
mr silvers unstable
How much sulkies does it cost to breed horses?
It doesn't cost you anything as long as you do it with your own stallion