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Hello -intensive Training problem..Help,please
Hello I have a big problem if possible I need your help

This horses yesterday 5800 green supplenes And I use it "intensive traning"
and it was 5550,,Today is 5700 "yellow" This horse probably Red at 6150-6200

But if i did not use 6300 exact.. Maybe it would 6400-6500 supplenes

now the real problem ,This horse give "VSO"

this horse will gives (supplenes) intensive training before or intensive training after ?

so 6200 Red or probably 6400-6450 (Supplenes) can give ?

A bit complicated so sorry :))

But please help me
According to this information I will use or not use ...
Hi, I answered your pm. :)
Thank you bro ah sorry sis :) lol :))