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What is more important in breeding? Birth Genetics or just Genetics (after training).

This game is brilliant. There are so many tasks to try your hand at. Training and jockeying are cool but I am really getting interested in the second and third generations of my original horses,

Both are important, but it can depend on your breeding and gaming strategies.

- With good birth genetics your horse can run sooner.
- With bad birth genetics he will run later, when he is at his maximum (because he won't have any chance to win before).

But it's difficult to have both : good birth genetics AND good max genetics !

So players created are 2 different kinds of breeding :

- "Precocious breeding". Precocious horses have extremely good birth genetics. They only run during their 1st year, and at the beginning of their 2nd. After that, their max are lower then the other horses and they're retired from races, only used to breed.
They are really good at races at 1 year old.

- "Usual" breeding. The aim is to have the best final genetics. These horses usually start to run after 3yo (because as you understood, before, precocious win all the races).

- (And between these 2 kinds of horses, as training became longer, there are "half-precocious" horses, who are better when they are 2 yo.)
Regardless of that different ways to play, did you find methods about how to breed ?
I have been using birth genetics. I will have to rethink this. From what you have written, I have been running them too soon. Many thanks!
OK. And do you know how to choose a stallion ? How to see if he's good or not ?
Since learning about things as i have played, I have been trying to mate stallions and mares with higher speed birth genetics. Is this correct?
I see that the answer I wrote to you last day here didn't appear... -_-" I have bugs with pm and forums when I'm on Chorus...

The female gives suppleness, constitution and obedience.
The stallions gives speed and resistance, but he can give better foals, or worse foals than him. That's why you need to test your stallions first (breeding them with a female with lower values) to know if they improve these characteristics or not.
Thank You, my last set of foals on the 1st was a better crop than August's. I had 2 14 Speeds, which was the first time for that. I have also managed to preserve the original bloodlines of my first 4 horses when I joined. Training results have doubled for my horses due to your tips.

This is an incredibly addictive game.
Hippo told me that there's a good French player who can give you tips on Chorus : riquetou

You can try to write to him, saying that you come from hippo... but I don't know if he speaks English... lol
i have seen him run, yeah, i get messages i cant read,
Pregnancy...Does running a pregnant worse have a negative impact on her breeding?
No, there's not any impact of pregnancy on races and not impact of races on pregnancy.